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First of all, I need to clarify the meaning of the last message. A lot of people thought I would be talking about gardening when I was actually talking about work deadlines. I was really tired and not too tired when I wrote this post. Please excuse my ambiguity.

The hardening (back and forth forever) is definitely a pain in the butt, especially now that the kitchen floor is covered with trays and we can barely open the refrigerator door. However, my complaints were about the fact that I couldn’t garden instead of being overwhelmed by the work I have in front of me. Sitting at my desk and logging on to a computer when there is a backyard that needs to be turned into a garden is a kind of agony.

All I want to do is the garden!

But it’s life like that and so on….

It rained a lot this weekend, but I was still there. It was my first weekend (not really. But above all.) since Christmas and I decided in advance that I would take full advantage of the rain or the sun.

We were very wet and I’m suffering from it now, but at least the garden looks a little more like an anthropological excavation or an uprooted grave in a TV Thriller. Now this looks like a mud pit!

Before I go any further, I need to tackle that mulch in the bottom right corner. In the bag in which it came, it was written: “natural cedar mulch.”Davin says it’s natural and it’s just unexpected redwood. I say that they lie to liars who lie, and it’s colorful. I absolutely hate colored mulch. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. And now I have it in my garden. Gag!

The crowning achievement of this weekend was the installation of the cinder block wall, which you can see in the image below. We planted it with a selection of Sedums. I’ll post a picture as soon as she grows up a bit.
The wall was necessary because we have a Sloping courtyard. All the work we do is to balance it as best we can (by hand) and create levels.

The three raised beds on the left were built of reclaimed wood. Accordingly, the dimensions of the timber determined the layout, and then the possible placement of the paths. We need to put a few more beds on this side. Our intention is to go to the compost bin which faces the dilapidated shed. This area is full of violets that I want to dig up and move, as well as a young lilac bush that has been used by people before us. They look really shaky in the photo, but that’s because this image is a mix of several images and some were taken appropriately.

The stones that are to the right of the raised beds are there only to be placed. You mark where I created two levels or stages. I bought the cement gyms at a flea market at the weekend and they are at the edge of the stairs. The recycling box is only there for the grass and does not belong to the design.
The little Pear tree is blooming. I planted “silver” thyme under it. We also planted asparagus in the back and two raspberry stalks in the back corner (you can’t see it well). Behind it there is also a piece of garlic. I planted it right after we arrived.
I dug up a lot of goldenrod (Solidago). A lot of it! There’s more.

The rest of the back half still needs to be looked for. There will be a lot of edible annuals (tomatoes, peppers, etc.).) so that you can see that I have a lot to do. And it is necessary in a short time! We still have half a bag of duck manure waiting to be added. And we have not found the gravel with which we want to lay paths.

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