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I grew up in a household that looked for thrift stores out of necessity, and like many children in this economy class, I was deeply moved by our outdated men’s outfits and items. Somehow, between the ages of 14 and 16 and I have a 180° mental attitude and I found myself adopting frugality as a lifestyle and thrill rather than carrying a cross. Buying my vegetables second-hand meant that I didn’t come to school and that I wore the same shirt or the same dress as everyone else…

being different was suddenly a good choice. Leaving home at the age of 17, I also started buying my men’s items there, and for a while thrift stores became my answer to the one-stop guide and inexpensive afternoon diversifications. Where can we see the strange waste and refute the past of decoration?

The shops are magical.

I still like it sparingly, but my frequency has decreased over the past 10 years, as our urban stores have been increasingly picked up and filled with unnecessary garbage. We have already started in a new neighborhood and I don’t know what it is about this neighborhood, but business is pretty good. As a result, I recommended checking in stores enough Every week.

Rummaging through the stores to find items to transform or use in the garden this spring was one way I lived to get through the dark winter days by practicing scratching the walls, with the desire to come out and comment on how my garden scratched something.choice.

I picked up a selection of obvious garden items, including a selection of high-quality terracotta pots, a well-made orange metal watering can for only a Dollar, a set of plates that can be used as saucers, glassware for terrariums, a bell, a Vintage herb garden set (with very old ones) and some really good ones

The two articles presented above are my recent acquisitions. I took the wooden fruit box out of my therapist’s neighbor’s trash cans. I probably cross a variety of personal boundaries between therapist and client, and if so, I don’t want to know anything because the box is not the first one I chose that I brought home from their gateway launchers! Last point, there were other items that I wanted to take with me, but not because I didn’t want to be too inappropriate.

I plan to use the box as a box for transplants. Although this is a great box for commenting on seedlings outdoors, I decided not to use it because I don’t want to pay attention to their integrity alone. These plastic trays, which come from gardening stores, are cut and do not hold a transplant tray well.

The largest object on the left that looks like a doll’s bed is actually a small star. I bought it the other day, the Plan is to line the interiors with landscape fabric or a privacy screen and plants as a planter. It seems important to wait, but wait.

What items are interfering with Upcycling for the garden this spring?

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