Simple Guide When You Missing the Garden


The last of the tomato crop are vying to ripen on faded vines. The Roselle shows signs of cold damage, and gaping holes appear in the flower beds, where the warm-season annuals were once lush and blooming.

I feel sapphire. The gardening season is coming to an end and although various devices will be used to hold the food for a while, and although several plants will meet me inside, creating a lush jungle in my office and the cold “greenhouse” in the front, it’s just not the same.

Winter is not summer.

When I think about the coming months, I can’t huddle up to plan next year’s Plan, nor can I anticipate the first winter of my new garden. These are great ideas, but I could do without them. Instead, I imagine myself gently hanging out in the garden, barefoot, picking fresh herbs for dinner. I remember the heavy smell of the sweet scent of Nicotiana flowers at night and the rescue of the last sorghum head from the squirrels. I don’t want this to end. I want it to continue like this all year round. I want the Rosellas to have their Chance to bloom. I want to cut the hot peppers and tomatoes and start over. I want to be greeted by a lush scene outside my kitchen window every morning and discover the promise of a new Magic.

I don’t want the long cold break. I don’t want the slow, dark days and the winter blanket to cover everything. I don’t want to rest. I want to continue.

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